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The valuation staff at FT Solutions, Inc. has over twenty (20) years of combined experience in Business Valuations and over forty (40) years in the Finance and Accounting fields.  They have performed hundreds of valuations of privately held corporations and businesses totaling over $3 Billion in appraised values.  This experience has spread over sixty-five (65) different industries in all regions of the United States.  The staff has been involved in hundreds of transactions and has played key roles in the structuring of management buyout programs, management transition programs, stock option plans, and ESOPs.  They have lectured at nationwide seminars on business valuation theory and practice.  The valuation staff adheres to the principles and recommended practices of widely recognized valuation industry organizations and are knowledgeable of conditions and value metrics in the market for publicly traded securities.  In addition, the valuation staff has access to extensive information resources on valuation related case law and regulatory issues in the areas of both publicly traded and privately owned securities.

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