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FT Solutions, Inc. provides all the documentation necessary for the complete installation of your Stock Option Plan.  This includes the Plan Document, Board and Shareholder Resolutions, and a Regulatory Requirements Checklist.  Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3!  Depending on how quickly the required information is provided to our staff, we can have your plan installed, with grants being made, in less than a week.  

Here's how it works:

1) After the acceptance of our proposal, which can be done via email, we provide you with a User Name and Password to our Client Menu section (as seen in the above link).  [To request a quote / proposal, click HERE.]

2) Go to the Client Menu and enter your Option Plan Specs*.

3) Our Stock Option Plan department converts the Option Plan Specs you entered into an Option Plan Document draft which is emailed for your review.

4) After review, the Stock Option Plan Document is finalized and returned via emailed.

5) Execute the Plan Document, Board and Shareholder Resolutions, and file the necessary forms outlined in our Regulatory Requirements Checklist**.  

That's it!  Your Stock Option Plan is installed and you're ready to begin granting Options!



* Our Option Plan Spec sheets are presented in question format so that you do not need to have all the variables determined prior to completing the form.  Our installation services include consulting on the variations available to you under the different types of plans: Qualified (ISOs) and Non-Qualified (NQSOs)

** Although a Regulatory Requirements Checklist is provided, FTSI does NOT guarantee that the list is up to date for your state and recommends that these forms be reviewed and filed by your attorney. 



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