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FT Solutions, Inc. (FTSI) assumes all of the typical record keeping and reporting functions associated with both Incentive Stock Options (ISOs) and Non-Qualified Stock Options (NQSOs).  Our administration process complies with all IRS, SEC and FASB Regulations.  Administration of your Stock Option Plan is available as an outsourcing solution or a software solution.  

The following is a listing of a number of the functions included in FT Solutions, Inc.ís Stock Option Plan Administrative Services, in both the outsourcing and software solutions.  This listing is not all inclusive but is intended to give interested parties a general idea of the scope of the record keeping, accounting and documentation features available.

1.  Record Keeping & Documentation

  • Option Grants - Notices & Agreements

  • Option Status - Vesting & Outstanding

  • Option Exercises - Preliminary Cost and Actual

  • Options Cancelled  

  • Options Expired

  • Options Repriced

  • Vesting Updates

  • Grantee Notices

  • ISO Vesting Limits 

2.  Reports

  • ISO Grants

  • ISO Vesting Limits

  • NQSO Grants & Compensation

  • NQSO Compensation Amortization

  • ISO Exercises

  • NQSO Exercise Tax Deduction

  • NQSO Exercise Withholding Taxes

  • Option Cancellations - ISO & NQSO

  • ISO Options Repriced

  • NQSO Options Repriced

  • Weighted Exercised Shares

  • Weighted Outstanding Option Shares

  • Net Weighted Exercise Shares

  • Unamortized NQSO Expense Shares

  • NQSO Tax Benefit Shares

  • Diluted Stock Options Common Equivalents Summary

  • Beneficial Ownership

  • Disqualified ISO Sales & Tax Deduction

  • Individual Account Summary Report 

3.  Transaction & Status Notices

  • ISO Grants

  • Notice of Intent To Exercise Stock Option

  • Preliminary ISO and NQSO Exercise Cost Confirmation

  • Same-Day-Sale Forms

  • Transfer Agent Notice

  • Notice of Option Exercise

  • ISO and NQSO Exercise Confirmation

  • Vesting Increment (Grantees)

  • Individual Grantee Option Status Report

  • Disqualified ISO Sale Questionnaire

  • Option Termination and Expiration Notice

  • Investment Representation Letters 

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