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For a no-obligation quote, please fill out the form below and a quote will be returned via e-mail within 24 hours.  (If you prefer the quote be sent via another means, please indicate in the Comments field.)  Although we attempt to be as accurate as possible, FTSI cannot guarantee that the quote will be 100% accurate due to the complex nature of some of our projects and the multiple variables that each entails.  The accuracy of the quote depends greatly on how descriptive you are regarding the project, your company, and the work that is desired.  No quote is final until a written proposal is sent and accepted by company management. 

(Although most of the fields below are not required, the more information you give us, the more accurate a quote you will receive.)

Stock Option Plans

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Stock Option
Design and Installation:

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If the Company is Privately-Held:

1)  Are there current and/or historical valuations for the period in which your company requires grants to be available?  

2)  Is the company going public with in the next 12-months?  
          If no, are there future plans to go public?
           YES  NO

Has it been determined how many shares will be allocated to the Option Plan?  YES  NO

If yes, is the company growing enough to support the dilution the Option Shares will cause?

Has the type of Option Plan been determined?  YES  NO

If yes, which type:

If no:  
1)  Will the Option Plan be used for management or for all employees?  MGMT  EEs  BOTH
2)  Are there any non-employees that will be granted Stock Options?  YES  NO

Check here if you would like to have the Option Plan presented to the employees/participants by FTSI after Installation: 

** After Installation is complete, Administration and Valuation services may or may not be performed by FTSI and is at the discretion of the Company.  All Administration and Valuation Costs will be quoted separately.  

(If you would like a quote for these additional services, answer the question below corresponding to the services you require after Installation.)



Stock Option

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set-up Administration:    (i.e. initial grants after plan installation)

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Stock Option
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