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Comprehensive Management and CFO Services are for companies wishing to outsource certain financial projects or who find themselves in need of a CFO but can't afford to spend the time or money hiring a full-time individual. By outsourcing these services, whether on a project basis or as part of a more comprehensive package, companies can maximize their time and money without sacrificing quality personal service. Although these services are available to companies of all sizes in all stages of development, they are particularly useful to the fast-growing start-up companies.  Below is a sample of the types of projects that are available under Management and CFO Services.

General Planning

     Business Plan Assistance

     Strategy Consulting

Compensation Planning

     Stock Option Plans

     Staff and Executive Compensation

     Equity Funds

     Phantom Stock and Share Appreciation Rights

     Benefit Plan Consulting

     Employee Communications

Financial & Tax Consulting

     Financing Negotiation

     Transaction Consulting
     Value Added Matrix

Corporate Governance & Regulatory Compliance

     Shareholder / Board Notices and Minutes

     Stock and Transfer Ledger Management

Consultant / Service Provider Coordination



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