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Benefit Plan Consulting

The key planning objectives for any benefit plan is scalability, competitiveness and cohesiveness within the company's culture.  Our thorough knowledge of all the various plans available, and how they tie together, enables us to develop benefit plan strategies that help companies achieve their overall objectives.

The myriad tax and other regulatory aspects of those programs contemplated under the umbrella term “Employee Benefit Plans” are too extensive to address in one or two paragraphs.  Accordingly, rather than attempt to dwell on each of the specific insurance, savings and investment and other elements of the traditional employee benefits universe, we offer an overview of the approach to our planning in this area.  

FT Solutions, Inc. divides employee benefits into three major categories: *

  1. Protection Plans.  These are plans made available on a more or less across the board basis to the staff as a whole and which can be can be characterized as security oriented.  These are the basic life and health insurance related plans and other basic benefit programs that offer protection from economic loss due to the occurrence of specific events. 

  2. Opportunity Plans.  This category is comprised of optional plans that offer a degree of choice on the part of the individual employee. This category contains savings plans such as 401(k), Profit-Sharing Plans and ESOPs.  It also includes increased life and health insurance coverage and dependent care for which a tax credit is otherwise available under a cafeteria plan type approach.  Vacation days can be included in this category for which an employee may receive credits in the form of cash or nontaxable benefits such as added insurance benefits.   Highly skilled workaholic high tech employees may find this latter benefit especially appealing since the demands of the job may make the opportunity to take the full vacation allowance a remote possibility.

  3. Quality of Life Plans.  This category includes such programs as flex-time, on site amenities (or if appropriate, off site expense reimbursement) such as exercise facility utilization, day care and educational and advanced skills training.  The breadth of the overall program depends upon the stage of development of the company.  


For a company to achieve maximum effectiveness when designing an overall benefit package, each of these categories must be addressed. [back]




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