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Business Plan Assistance

FT Solutions, Inc. offers comprehensive Business Plan Assistance.  Whether or not you need a Strategic Overview, a Basic Plan, or a Comprehensive Plan, we can help.  Our business valuation knowledge makes FT Solutions, Inc. the obvious choice for the preparation of your Business Plan, due to the similarities between these types of reports.  Our staff has extensive experience in preparing professional valuation reports which include presentations of the key aspects of the individual business along with detailed financial projections and analysis.  All of our Business Plans are prepared by valuation experts who thoroughly understand business value metrics and the techniques of effective presentations.  The essential difference between our valuation reports and Business Plan preparation service is that our valuation reports arrive at a conclusion of value for the report user whereas our Business Plans allows the report user to lead to a conclusion of value.  

Like business valuations, the purpose for which the Business Plan is to be used is critically important in determining the format and content and degree of emphasis to be placed on certain aspects of the business. A generic Business Plan is as useful as a wrench designed to fit an average-sized nut.  Your company’s Business Plan should evoke confidence in the potential for financial success and lead to a conclusion of value, not merely consist of a scholarly description of your business with some nice graphics to break up the monotony.

Added Feature:  FT Solutions, Inc. includes a PowerPoint Presentation modeled after your individual Business Plan.  The presentation summarizes and highlights the key features of the written plan.  This product is an extremely valuable tool to enhance the presentation of your Business Plan to potential investors or funding sources.

The following are the key areas from which the final Business Plan is developed.  These areas will be the focus of initial discussions with management, leading to the final report containing over 20 detailed sections:

  • Mission Statement

  • Management Summary

  • Organization & Operations

  • Market Analysis

  • Strategy & Implementation Summary

  • Financial Plan

  • Summary




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