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Staff and Executive Compensation

Traditional approaches to compensation plan design stress job classification, base salary and pay grades combined with staff wide programs such as group insurance, retirement plans, vacations, paid holidays etc.  Due to the size of the employee population and the nature and maturity of the business, the traditional approaches may, in many cases, limit the opportunity for more creative planning.  FT Solutions, Inc. seeks to assist the more dynamic developing enterprises where the competition for highly skilled staff demands that the overall compensation program be one that is guaranteed to enable the company to compete successfully in the market for qualified personnel.  In these latter cases, contribution to profitability, personalized incentives, functional scalability and upward organizational mobility replace the job classification templates of the traditional compensation planning school.

To develop an organization of members who share the same core values, the enterprise must recruit them.  Compensation planning plays a very important role in achieving that goal.  Executive compensation in contrast to overall staff compensation planning introduces other factors, of course.  The metrics in executive compensation planning take on a company wide perspective from an incentive standpoint and are subject to a greater degree of negotiation and personalization for competitive reasons.

The end result of any compensation project should be to maximize the company’s return on investment and contribute to increased profitability.




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