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FT Solutions, Inc. (FTSI) also provides a web-based software solution for the administration of your Stock Option Plan.  It is the ultra user-friendly alternative to outsourcing your stock option plan administration.

Our software was specially designed for the company that plans on remaining private, as well as for those planning for an IPO, that want to maintain hands-on, in-house control of its stock option plan administration.  In some cases, the platform can eliminate the need to hire option plan experts and software engineers to operate or install the platform.  It runs through any web browser and all of the required technical expertise is built-in behind the screen and accessed by plain language menus and data entry forms.  This is unlike any other package on the market, which require a trained stock option plan administrator to operate the system.

Here are but a FEW of the systems features:

  • Detailed individual employee plan account statements can be distributed by print-out or as web pages e-mailed to the individual employee for total confidentiality.

  • Option grant and exercise documents are generated with the entry of the essential details and a click of the mouse. Batch entry functions are available to accommodate large numbers of option grant and document output activity.

  • The package can be delivered with the user’s own notice and exercise forms or those provided by FTSI as package standards.   All of the typical vesting schedules are built-in to the system and are available for assignment to individual grants by drop down box selection.

  • Option expense accruals for NQSOs and related share dilution tracking comply with SFAS 123 and APB 25.  Option pricing is automatically calculated by the system using the SFAS 123 prescribed “minimum value” method for private company annual report disclosure purposes.  (The system operator need not have a clue about what these are.)  

  • Reports can be generated on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis at the users election.

  • Compliance with IRS rules for ISO holding periods and aggregate vested option values are automatically tracked as well as available grant values under IRC§422(d).

  • A set of over 40 human resource and accounting related reports are standards in the system for complete regulatory compliance with the capability for the user to generate custom reports using simple, plain language driven report generating forms.  (e.g..  Option grants by type, inclusive dates, department, branch, state, grant price range, exercise value, etc.)

** If you would like more information about this break-through, turn-key package, please contact FTSI using the form below.

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